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Solutions for Revolutionizing the AEC Industry

This is an informational series: ‘Solutions for the Revolutionary AEC Team’ - the solution is Evolving Specifications, the tool is Conspectus Cloud. As a member of the project team, we identify with challenges all AEC teams now face since they are working dispersed. Solutions must be put in place to provide collaboration and success for projects, as well as moving into the future with our new norm.

This is a forced revolution, and the Conspectus approach, Evolving Specifications, provides AEC teams with the methods and tools to adapt to it.

Can you identify the biggest challenge you are currently facing?

Select your challenge and dive to the solutions Conspectus provides.

Challenge: Dispersed Teams

Result: The Lost Owners Project Requirements

Owner: Do you know where your architect is?

Architect/Engineer: Do you know where your consultants are?

Design-Builder: Do you know where your team is?

Solution: Collaborate via Evolving Specifications

Deep Dive into Collaboration

Challenge: Project Team Members Working Remote

Result: Information Continuum Delayed or Broken

Who made the decision?!

What was the decision that was made?!

When did they make the decision?!

Why did they make that decision?!

Solution: Continue to Make Decisions via Evolving Specifications 

Deep Dive into Decision Continuum

Challenge: Printing an Entire Spec Book

Result: A printed manual in one location, team members in other locations.

Or a lot of wasted paper. The practicality of printing the written construction document set with the challenges of a remote and dispersed team simply doesn't exist.

Solution: Keep documents online, use Evolving Specifications

Deep Dive into Online Documentation

Challenge: Delayed Spec Updates

Result: Inconsistent communication, schedule delays

Are you aware when an update or change is made to specifications? Communication is a constant challenge of teams, however there are many platforms and methods that strive to overcome the information-exchange struggles. The true challenge in question is the transparency of team members through communication. 

Solution: Transparency, Instantaneous Knowledge of Specification Changes, Schedule Accuracy

Deep Dive into Transparency

Challenge: Severely Restricted Gatherings

Result: Uncoordinated Documents

Restricted meetings, disjointed communication, lost information. This the new norm that project teams must adapt to. Will coordination integrity remain intact while we adapt to semi-permanent social distancing?

Solution: Well-Coordinated Documents via Evolving Specifications 

Deep Dive into Well-Coordinated Documentation

Challenge: Novel Building Programs

Result: New Standards

Revolutions come with the need for new and unique resolutions. Can firms continue to apply their menu of materials to projects like they have before? How will lessons learned be captured? How will information be gathered and documented?

Solution: Build & Maintain Guides via Evolving Specifications

Deep Dive into Creating Guides

Challenge: Capital Improvement Plan Assessment

Result: Access to project cost/schedule/risk analysis

Capital planning and project team members must be able to inventory assets and package requirements needed to provide investors, bonders and risk holders the necessary contents and details, but how can this process happen with dispersed teams?

Solution: Uniformat to put capital renewal or improvement in place.

Deep Dive into Uniformat to Assess

Challenge: Facility Assessment 

Result: Knowledge Level of Facility Maintenance Costs

Assessment of facility assets, system and assembly inventory, maintenance and organization of this documentation is critical to manage, but how can this process happen with dispersed teams?

Solution: Uniformat to put Management in place.

Deep Dive into Uniform to Manage