Conspectus Inc.
Specifications define project intangibles – quality, performance, and function – to ensure your design intent is properly transformed into a completed facility.
Conspectus, the largest specifications consulting firm in the U.S. provides specifications for thousands of construction projects and hundreds of design firms across the US and around the world.
Partner with Conspectus. Give yourself the advantages and enjoy the benefits so many others have found. Tap our technical resources for your own projects rather than diverting your firm's precious man-hours from designing and drawing.
Not needing our services just now? That’s okay. You can still take advantage of TechTips and all you find on this site to stay abreast of the latest information in the construction industry.
The entire Conspectus team contributes many years of experience to this site which is happily shared with you. You can contribute your insight, too, and help improve the community. Bookmark this page, or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed to learn about each new posting. We hope you’ll stop by often.

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