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Conspectus - decision-makers, word masters, aggregators

There is tremendous power in a word that is perfectly placed at the best location, at the best time, during the design and construction process of a project. Deliberate words can manage success, build trust, and provide transparency that every member of the project team craves.
As decision managers of the team, Conspectus explores the notion of how transparency transforms three main components of every project: behavior, content, and outcomes, through the appropriate usage of words.
    • Behavior of every participant, is the foundation communication and collaboration, through deliberate words. It will transform the team, and build strong relationships.
    • Content, the documentation built on these relationships, containing deliberate words, is then transformed.
    • The outcome is a successful project, with a legacy of ultimate collaboration.
Join us as we chat with members of the architectural, engineering, construction, and owner communities to learn how deliberate word shape their contributions, their projects, and their world! Through these conversations, words aggregate decisions, and transforms perspectives on transparency in the decision-making process.



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#1 Two words: risky business

David Stutzman and Steve Gantner kick off the podcast with two words that can be frightening or exhilarating, when put together - Risky Business! 
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#2 The Construction unicorn

We welcome Pete Dumont from Prairie Dog Venture Partners to chat about OS2 The solution to fixing the broken ecosystem of the construction industry is NOT fiction.  
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#3 Pomegranates & contracts

We welcome Brian Perlberg, Esq., CM-Lean. Executive Director and Senior Council for ConsensusDocs. Efficiency gets the BEST results in enjoying pomegranates and is accomplished through great contracts.  
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