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As the nation’s largest independent specifications consulting firm, Conspectus is known for consistently going beyond expectations to mitigate risk and add value for all construction project stakeholders.

Since 1992, we’ve provided high quality, industry-leading specifications and related consulting services on thousands of projects for some of the most prestigious design and engineering firms, government agencies, and private entities domestically and internationally.

Working at the intersection of design and construction, we bring a unique perspective to every engagement. With our deep understanding of value and risk at all stages of a project, our multidisciplinary perspective, our spirit of innovation, and our mastery of specifications technology, we partner with owners, architects, contractors, design-builders, and other stakeholders to help shape and lead the future of our industry.

We believe that through comprehensive documentation, transparency, and collaboration, all stakeholders can contribute more actively and effectively to sound decision making and project success.





Thinking above and beyond the traditional role of the specifications writer, Conspectus professionals bring to each project a distinctively broad perspective on scope, quality, and performance at a level of expertise that no other firm offers.

Our seasoned team members dig deep to get a firm grasp on the owner’s project requirements. We get inside the architect’s head to understand the underlying design intent. We look for places where value can be added and pinpoint areas where risk can be reduced.

As trusted experts across multiple disciplines, we have helped develop, maintain, and promote standards and tools used industry wide, including CSI Practice Guides, format documents, commercial master specifications, and specifications software for the construction industry.

Individually and collectively, our team members are innovators and educators, deeply involved in the leadership of our industry’s professional associations, often serving as presenters at conferences and advisors on industry issues.

David Stutzman, AIA, FCSI, CCS, SCIP, LEED AP
President, Tuckahoe Location

David is a dynamic speaker on all technical topics; diverse educator for multiple levels in the AEC industry, a humble, multi-award winner in variety of industry associations; author of articles and contributions in publications in many areas; a recognized industry revolutionist; and most importantly, he is an advocate for the construction owner.  David has a great sense of humor and is formally educated and licensed as an architect, with a specialty in specifications and technical writing. His abilities include computer programming and pretending to be an angler while boating. 

"As a freshman in college, my architecture professor told me I would never be an architect. I was the first one from my graduating class to be registered."

 Specializations include Owner Standards and Guidelines, Systems and Performance Descriptions, UniFormat® as a tool to advance and standardize the classification of building systems and assemblies for element descriptions and analysis, MasterFormat®, risk management strategies, and the Fiduciary Duty Initiative.

"Driving into Atlantic City and seeing the skyline gives me great pride. When I see those buildings, I know I have touched all of them in some way."

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Emelyn Adoremos, RA, CSI, CDT, SCIP
Senior Specifications Writer, Tuckahoe Location

Emelyn's career is one of adventure, beginning in the Philippines as a registered architect. She became specialized in the specifications side of the industry, and her experience reaches across the globe on projects in a various scope, types and locations. Emelyn is highly skilled in writing specifications on any type of project and she approaches each one with structure and efficiency. Her career highlights include a specialized, three-month long project assignment in Zurich, Switzerland for a Bangkok, Thailand based client. A personal accomplishment is her award-winning talent at bowling during an annual office tournament and the ladies representative for the team in the intercompany invitation bowling competition. 

Emelyn has a great sense of humor and her diversity in cultural exposure on various projects and scope is a huge asset to Conspectus clients, and the wide variety the firm works on.

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Jay Bethel, CSI, CDT, SCIP
Senior Specifications Writer, Tuckahoe Location

Jay brings a hands-on, technical approach and experience to the Conspectus team. As a former contractor, he has a pragmatic perspective and understanding of the components that contribute to a project's constructability. This critical understanding of systems and products from a different vantage point provides a unique focus on projects, from broad scope to a high level of detail. Jay's experience as a volunteer fire fighter and fire Chief provides a heightened awareness of hazards and issues surrounding fire protection and prevention on projects.

 "I have a good handle on the motivators of contractors. I understand the positive and negative."

There is a scientific correlation between design, creativity, technical writing, techniques, passion and music.  Jay embodies these elements as a working musician from childhood through the present, an  entrepreneur, dog-lover, devout-husband and father, and specifier. This diversity and experience results in dedication to a highly technical and thorough approach to written construction documentation and specifications. 

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Basiru Carew, MBA, PMP, ITIL
Project Manager, Tuckahoe Location

As the impresario of the Conspectus specifiers, Basiru brings comprehensive project management experience with a focus on delivering high-quality projects on budget and on time.  His knowledge, support and ability to partner with architects, engineering firms, general contractors, sub-contractors and sales teams in all aspect of the construction management process align well with Conceptus’ approach of “creating value and mitigating risk for all”.  Basiru had a long tenure with Avaya and one of his career highlight was when he successfully ran the Global Project Management Office in support of General Electric (NBC Universal) and obtaining over 80% net promoter score (NPS), triggering General Electric to rescind its probationary (no new purchases) status on Avaya.

Basiru approaches his professional life as he does golfing: "Keep a steady hand - not too high, not too low. This allows me to stay focus and ultimately successful when taking on challenges."

The encouragement and support of his family in his personal life has allowed him to gain success and growth in his professional life. Project management and life is all about balance and adventure……"One day I hope to visit at least one country in every continent. What's left on the list: Australia, Asia, South America and maybe Antarctica?"

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Melody Fontenot, AIA, CSI, CCCA, CCS, LEED AP
Senior Specifications Writer, Portland Location

Melody is our original Pacific Time Zone specifier, located in Portland, Oregon, but she is a cradle Oklahoman.

"Growing up in a dome home with solar panels in the early 80's, built by my parents from a kit-of-parts, definitely influenced my interest in architecture. My father, who is an electrical engineer, also ignited my passion for the AEC industry."

Receiving her bachelor of architecture from the University of Oklahoma, and after becoming a registered architect she focused on the commercial and healthcare sectors. Early in her career, she gained a large variety of experiences, from design build, project architect, contract administrator, specifier, to organizing product lunch and learns. Melody's skill and attention to detail earned her the nickname "Eagle Eye" by a project manager at JE Dunn. She joins the Conspectus team with the excitement, knowing that she no longer needs to battle for the importance of specs and the value of the specifier to be recognized.

"The CDT (Construction Document Technologist) through the Construction Specification Institute, changed the trajectory of my career."

Engaging across the industry in many associations and platforms, Melody exercises her knowledge and influence through the following activities:

  • Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Institute: Member of the CSI DEI Task Force; Portland Chapter: Outreach co-chair and JEDI chair - Blog on an AIAO presentation.
  • Young Architect podcast guest in 2020 and have presented at 2 past YA events
  • Personal photo blog focusing on the natural and built environment
  • Instagram account for pictures of ceilings and lights @suspicere.lucem (name is latin ‘look up to the light’)
  • Memberships in: AIA, CSI, SCIP, ISCS, ACI, PCI, and NOMA.
Stephen M. Gantner, Jr., RA, CSI, CDT, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, AGCMO
Executive Vice President, Senior Specifications Writer, St. Louis Location

With deep roots in Missouri and a myriad of experience in the AEC industry, Steve brings tremendous knowledge in all areas of the design and construction process to our clients, on all project types. He is a registered architect in the state of Missouri, a certified construction document technologist, a certified construction specifier, a certified construction contract administrator, speaker, and adjunct professor. Professional and personal engagements in his career provide a unique, comprehensive perspective and approach to the tasks as a specifier.

"My career was inspired and influenced by my dad who was a bricklayer. So was my grandfather and my great-grandfather. My great-great grandfather was a brick manufacturer, and we can trace our brick legacy back to Gantner Brothers Brick Manufacturing, 1893 in Pilot Grove, MO. I was the first to branch out of the trade, but still hold the values, attention to detail and respect for the technical skill in high regard."

Steve is very active in the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI): Institute level, he chairs the Academic Program Committee; Regional level he is the secretary of the North Central Region; Chapter level he is the chair of the technical committee, member of the program, awards, certification and education/academic liaison committees. Personally he coaches in the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association, is a swim official in the local swim league and holds multiple positions in his parish.

"My greatest asset is my family: my wife and four children. My greatest joy is coaching baseball, and after 18 years, with my youngest son graduating, I am officially retiring."

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Marlon Hollis, CSI, CDT, SCIP
Senior Specifications Writer, Tuckahoe Location

Marlon's technical skills have origins in the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and NJ Air National Guard (NJANG) experience in maintaining Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE). This lead Marlon to working at the Boeing Millville CH47F Modification Center, where he was responsible for the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) at the site.  Having no formal maintenance programs for the GSE, the Center tasked with him with marking out the essential requirements needed to run the Ground Support Equipment Shop using his experience working in USAF and NJANG AGE shops.  This exercise honed his technical knowledge and strategies, which play a part in building construction documents. He also drew from his legal education to think through compliance issues on these tasks. His program at Boeing met AS9110 standards, and met the approval of their customer, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).

His unique skill set brings a different perspective to written construction documents, with a critical focus on coordination, standards organization, clear documentation, processes and procedures. This provides Marlon with flexibility to work on a wide array of project types.

"I have a voracious reading appetite - which has been a true asset in my life."

He draws from an inherent interest of writing (fiction and essays) and research. Additional life assets, which contribute to Marlon's success, are his Christian faith, professional and personal relationships, and Marlon has a great sense of humor.

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Joe Minarik, CSI, CDT, SCIP
Senior Specification Writer, Tuckahoe Location

Joe, with a decade and a half of architectural industry experience, brings a positive intensity, diligence and efficiency to the Conspectus team. The previous decade and a half he was in underground construction with supervisorial experience. When he transferred into the specification world with Conspectus, Joe's attributes allowed him to quickly understand, adapt and grow within the industry. Every project is approached with a thorough devotion and involvement to provide the best written construction documentation for each client. He has honed his craft in a short period. 

"Being in this business, I have learned a lot about the “ins and outs” of construction and architectural design; It is a profession in which you will never stop learning, and I look forward to that challenge."

Joe is specialized in construction documents for every project phase, standards and practices, and construction materials and methods for engineering and architectural projects.  His portfolio favors university/labs, stadium type projects, and international projects. Joe has a great sense of humor and enjoys playing guitar and bass, listening to music, fishing, football and spending time with his family.

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Tina Montone, CSI, CDT
Specifications Writer & Industry Liaison, Allentown Location

Tina's career in architecture began freshmen year of college, when she started in the marketing and public relations department of a firm previously known as The Hillier Group in Philadelphia. This laid the foundation of how to build relationships in the AEC industry, which she focused on for the first half of her career. As personal events presented themselves, her path moved into lawn care, where she built an organic fertilizing program and client base, which significantly assisted in the growth of the company.

The common thread throughout Tina's career is to establish, nurture and build relationships through integrity of services and products. These relationships were with clients and coworkers within architectural firms, tenants while maintaining commercial properties, through written and graphic content marketing for a product manufacturer, lawn care clients, as well as her side gig in direct sales for a Swarovski jewelry company. She is most proud of her current position in her career with Conspectus. Believe it or not, Tina has a great sense of humor. She feels her biggest assets in life have been her relationships in the Construction Specifications Institute and her ability is to adapt to every situation life presents.

"My husband, three daughters and son add the most flavor to my life. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour - but always flavorful."

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Chris Ricke, RA, CSI, CDT, CCS, SCIP
Senior Specifications Writer, Kansas City / Topeka Location

Chris joined the Conspectus team in 2021. With a focused passion for investigating ways of reducing complex ideas into simple concepts, he provides a perspective that combines the principles of design with the elements of construction. The construction comes from constant curiosity, and the design from formal education. Chris is a registered architect and a certified construction specifier.

"As a child I enjoyed puzzles and legos As I got older, I found myself taking apart items that normally would have been discarded. The biggest was a commercial office copier. I like to figure out the how and why behind the way things work."

Relationships are of extreme importance, and it goes beyond how materials connect with one another. Chris's greatest assets are the relationships that he has established professionally and personally. Much of his development and success attributes to the melting pot of knowledge, expertise, and influence through his career with clients, co-workers, the Construction Specification Institute. His most prized relationship: his family.

Alejandro Rodriguez, D. Eng., PMP, LEED AP, CDT
Specification Writer, Orlando Location

Zest for construction, connections, and education is the core of Alejandro and his experience in the industry. His Cuban passion is driving his excitement to bring outstanding specs into the heart of Florida. He draws from his experiences as an owner of a general contracting company, and through that, understanding excellence in documentation.

“As someone with a general contracting background writing specifications has deepen my understanding of the building process and it provides me the opportunity to pass this knowledge onto our clients.”

He brings that knowledge not only to our clients and the project team, but also to the next generation through his positions at Rowan University, in the construction management and engineering management programs. Influencing the youth either in a formal setting in higher education or in his ultimate pride - his son - bettering the future is his ultimate goal.

Elias Saltz, FCSI, CDT, CCS, SCIP
Executive Vice President, Senior Specifications Writer, Chicago Location

Elias is a blogger (his personal blog was “The Skeptical Specifier”) and technical author, speaker, educator and skeptic. His diverse collection of roles during his twenty-five year architectural career, include designer, project architect, construction specifier, and even firm IT manager.  He’s worked on myriad project types, including healthcare, hospitality, religious, commercial, multifamily residential and mixed use, sports, and municipal facilities, among others. 

"One of my favorite projects was a restoration and renovation of a historic synagogue in the north suburbs of Chicago, on which I was the project manager." 

He is heavily involved in the Construction Specifications Institute, holding leadership roles in the Chicago Chapter and the North Central Region, and has served on Institute committees at the national level. He participated as a presenter on multiple Specifier Practice Community sessions and has presented educational sessions at CONSTRUCT.

"I consider myself to be a skeptic."

 Scientific skepticism is one of Elias's primary personal interests, and he spends time reading and learning about scientific and skeptical topics.  He has a great sense of humor, enjoys cycling, officiating high school football, and spending time with his wife and twin sons.

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E. Terumi Woods, LEED BD+C, CDT, Associate AIA
Specification Writer, San Francisco Location

A self-proclaimed weather nerd, Terumi Woods joins the Conspectus team from San Francisco, CA, and expands the west coast specifying team. Her interest to understand the complexity of weather systems blends into the intense craving for understanding building systems and products and the best way to document them. Her hobbies informally play into the industry, however formal application is seen in her recent and biggest professional accomplishment is passing the ARE (Architectural Registration Exams). Her enjoyment and passion for architecture was a driving force to this success. Her other passion is traveling, capturing experiences that continues to fuel her love for exploration.

"Going to places around the country brings to the front the reality of the people who live there. I like going to places and experiencing them as they are lived by the people who call it home."

These experiences feed into all areas of her personal and professional life. Her favorite quote that embodies how she feels towards learning and living: 

“Travel is still the most intense form of learning.” -Kevin Kelly



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Whether you contract directly for specifications services, want a greater voice in choosing your specifications partner, or seek independent guidance on how to mitigate risk, Conspectus delivers the knowledge, insight, and expert judgment your project requires. Call or email to start the conversation.