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CSI Network Jump Started NYC Office
The CSI connection continues to amaze me. This year we opened a new office in New York City - a bold decision based on an improving economy. We planned our strategy and began attacking the market by email, website, social media, and print media.

In virtually no time, we began receiving referrals from our CSI colleagues, not our promotional materials. The referrals were architects looking for specifiers for current projects. Referrals turned into projects and new relationships. Meanwhile we were promoting CSI and supporting the Metro New York chapter events. Everyone wins.

CSI Network Keeps Us Current
One of the best resources we have as specifiers is the broad range of product representatives that keep us informed about new products and new industry developments. Our CSI network refers product reps to us. In the latest encounter, a product rep made an appointment and explained that two other CSI members insisted she see us.

We discovered new products that we can share with our clients and she gained some new opportunities with architects, in her territory and beyond.

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