Need Help at 11th Hour? Join CSI

Who are the first sources of product information, especially when it is 6 PM and the spec must be issued the next day? CSI members! I know I can rely on fellow CSI members. They are always the first to get my calls for help.

Just to illustrate the great support, the 6 PM phone call was made to Greg Barbini, CSI, the PPG architectural coating representative. The question was about glass, not coatings. I was prepared to leave a voice message, expecting to hear from Greg the next day. Instead, I got that return call after Greg finished the Baltimore CSI board meeting. He did not have the answer but assured me I would be contacted first thing in the morning. I did get the call with the answer in time to make the final corrections.

And if you don't have a local contact? I always search the CSI member directory first. When I explain how I found the person, I always get courteous support. This one benefit alone can save hours of tracking down information - worth the price of membership.

So, why the story?
This week you can start your own CSI story. Institute is offering a 20% discount on the national membership dues. Join by November 16 to take advantage of the offer. To join, go to, click Join Now, enter CSI1220 as the promotional code and click Add Discount button.

Remember to find your local chapter before joining. The local chapter will be the foundation for your CSI network.

It's not a cliché - CSI is unique
The membership encompasses the entire construction industry - architects, engineers, contractor, subs, suppliers, manufacturers, etc. Unlike most associations, CSI is open, rather than narrowly focused on a single profession or single trade. The members are willing to share information and experiences and to teach others to make construction better.

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