CSI Specifying Practice Group

CSI's Specifying Practice Group will hold its inaugural
meeting January 7, 2010 at 3:00 PM eastern time. To attend the meetings, just join the
. The group is intended for those that read and write specifications
and everyone affected by specifications. The range of topics will include:


  • How technology influences content,
    production, and delivery
  • Disasters and responses to
    practical experience
  • Tools, techniques, and tips
    worth sharing
  • Just what drives product
    selection, exactly
  • Exponential marketplace advancements
  • Learning to forget what no longer applies


While thinking about specific topics to bring to the group I
shared some ideas with CSI staff. To be sure the ideas were on target with the
goals of the group. The two ideas were of immediate interest: MasterFormat™
2004 and the impact it has made; and a Photo Log to learn from built examples
of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I intended the Photo Log to involve
contribution by group member, so it is not really appropriate for the inaugural
meeting. Initially we will explore MasterFormat's impact.


Here are some of the other ideas that may appear in the
months ahead. I would like to know what your thoughts about these may be and
what other topics you would like to suggest.


Outline Specs - Useful or Not: How are outline specs
developed and used and are there alternatives?


Managing Design and Spec Data: What data are needed
and how is the information best collected and communicated?


Implementing SectionFormat™ 2008: What is the impact
and must it be universal?

Seismic Requirements - Beyond the Building Frame:
What does the code affect besides the building frame?


Out with the Old; In with the New: What standard,
code, product, or method has changed significantly?


How to get Spec'd - A Peek Behind the Architect's
What mysterious methods are used to specify products?


It May be Green, But is It Durable: How do you
balance the choices?

What Can You Expect of a Specifier: Is it more than a
technical spec or project manual?


And the Goal Is...Satisfy the Owner: What does it
take for repeat business for the entire team?


Where are the Manufacturers: What happens after
visiting the website, filling out the form and leaving a message?


That is a year's worth of topics, all subject to change,
pending your opinions. So let me know what you think.


I hope to meet you on-line to share our thoughts and
experiences and learn from each other to better the industry. If you haven't
already, just join
the group
, and then, join the meeting.


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