Enterprise 2.0 Connections

How can Conspectus build a catalog and ultimately leverage the collective knowledge of every employee and every client?

Division 01 - It's not boilerplate!

Division 01 sets the basic rules for administrative procedures of a construction contract. You may think that once written for a particular firm, there should be little reason to modify Division 01. However there are at least six factors that will..

What's so Important about Submittals?

An interesting question--no doubt about it! More than 90 Specifying Practice Group members, an attendance record, met last week to discuss it.

Improving Knowledge & Skills Through Community

This month is jam packed with opportunities to improve personal knowledge and skills. This underlying theme is the same for all for all three.

Specification Interviews - the Art of Data Gathering

CSI Specifying Practice group continues to grow and meets at 3:00 PM eastern the first Thursday each month. The show goes on despite the technical difficulties. Join the group and watch the antics, if nothing else you can smile knowing that the technical..

Word Processing Basics for Specifiers (Everyone)

The CSI Specifying Practice Group met to discuss concepts, tips and tricks to make producing specifications (and other word processing documents) easier and more efficient. Join the group to be notified of each meeting. It's free. More Members means More..

The Future of Specifications

So what is the future? Hard to know, but Louis Medcalf presented ideas shared at CONSTRUCT2011 in Chicago with the Specifying Practice Group.

Editing Master Specifications - Part 2

Practice Group Co-host Louis Medcalf contributed this description of the last group meeting

Editing Master Specifications - Part 1

The CSI Specifying Practice Group met to discuss editing master specifications for construction projects. Listen to the recoded session when you log into the CSI website or view the presentation below.

Practice Group Survey - Acceptable Product Submittals

This month the CSI Specifying Practice Group discussed the results of a group survey about product submittals. The intent was to learn how the group processed contractor submittals for products that are not specified by name.

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