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Do you know where your architect is? Of course you do. It is common is for project teams to be located all over the world. What is uncommon is for the architectural team members to be geographically dispersed. It is also uncommon that the project team has significantly reduced face-to-face meetings, or eliminated them altogether. Both situations have created new challenges in collaboration and the typical silos of communication have grown even wider apart. The silos separate the members of the project team, and the process in which decisions are made. 

Does this relationship look familiar?


Does this process look familiar? 

Conspectus ES Graphic Silos without approach


Where does the owners project requirements go? With the documentation segregated into each phase, the owner's project requirements being followed through to the end of the project is unlikely. A common cause of this breakdown is the communication between project team members and requirements of typical deliverables. In a healthy, traditional setting, where all members of the A/E team working together in an office communicating and collaborating, these issues still exist, simply because that is the 'norm'. We are adjusting to a brand new norm, that works even more against the flow of information and places the silos even further apart. 

ConspectusCloud Project Workflow Horizontal Image-2

Learn to collaboration via Evolving Specifications. The Conspectus approach keeps the extended project team on the same page by providing access to a common, complete, and current data set. This enables team members to make fact-based decisions rather than rely on assumptions and best guesses. It also provides a mechanism for all parties to contribute relevant knowledge, expertise, and experience at the most appropriate time in the project continuum.

Conspectus Evolving Specifications Graph Info Gaps

A tool does exist to accomplish this process. Conspectus Cloud is a web-based tool used to efficiently and effectively implement evolving specifications. It collects, organizes and integrates information that is transformed into systems and performance descriptions, which can be tailored for any of the parties at any point in the process. It provides the ultimate collaboration for entire project teams to continue the design and development of their project.  It allows everyone to ask questions, have discussions, and make decisions - and keep the project going.

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