Product Highlight - High Speed Roll-Up Doors

In doing various product research for our clients, we come across some products that immediately grab our attention, at least that was the case for Rytec's Spiral Doors.


The Spiral door is a high speed, roll-up door made of rigid double-walled aluminum slat construction, that coil within a spiral top-mounted track allowing no metal to metal contact and a whisper-quiet operation.   The anodized aluminum slats are separated by replaceable integral weather seals.  The doors open at a rate of up to 60 inches per second which is controlled by a variable speed AC drive system for soft acceleration and breaking.


For those who may be looking for other options such as glazed lights, Spiral doors are also available in partially glazed to fully glazed configurations.


These doors offer high security and high speed with an architectural style. You can see these and other doors by Rytec here.

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