The Benefits of Speed Dating Events

Over the past year, several Conpsectus team members have attended architect-manufacturer summits, colloquially known as 'speed dating' events.  David Stutzman recently returned from SpArc in Fort Worth, Texas, which is run by Opal Summits.  Last month I..

RH Effects on Wood Flooring

Wood flooring, like all wood products is affected by moisture. It swells. It shrinks. And it is expected to always look as perfect as the day it is installed. But what happens when the wood is not installed in perfect conditions? What range of conditions..

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass construction is simple - glue two or more panes of glass together to form a composite single pane. Wait, nothing is ever that simple. What can be used as the glue? What benefits and limitations do the glues have? What considerations might..

Check the Limitations

Product selection for construction projects is all about finding the right product at the right price to satisfy the owner's project requirements. Wading through all the choices and the product data can be daunting. Often designers (and specifiers)..

It's Not Your Father's Greenboard

Greenboard gypsum panels

So Whose Job Is It - Selecting Manufacturers and Products?

Is it the Architect or the Specifier? The best I can tell, it depends.

Manufacturer Guide Specifications - Opportunities or Pitfalls? Part the Second

This month 50 CSI Specifying Practice Group members gathered to continue the discussion about using manufacturer's product specifications. Phil Kabza, SpecGuy, helped again, presenting the manufacturer specifier's point of view. At the end of the program..

Manufacturer Guide Specifications - Opportunities or Pitfalls?

The majority of this month's more than 50 CSI Specifying Practice Group members was specifiers that have used manufacturer's specifications to create construction specifications. The discussion was lively and caused the meeting to run overtime before..

Specification Decision Process

We all know Specifiers are responsible for documenting product decisions, but who should be making the decisions? When should product decisions be made? Why do people put off making product decisions? What general principles affect product decisions?

Product Highlight - High Speed Roll-Up Doors

In doing various product research for our clients, we come across some products that immediately grab our attention, at least that was the case for Rytec's Spiral Doors.

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