Wood Door Veneer Faces

Avoid surprises! Is this what you expect doors to look like?

What thickness is that gage?

If you find yourself caught between tradition and current industry practice for specifying sheet metal thicknesses you are not alone. It has been years since industry standards have abandoned gage to designate metal thickness, now the standards rely on..

Fire Rated Door Annual Inspection

I opened the door to enter the office building lobby. The sound was loud and unmistakable - an electrical transformer humming away, loudly. Following the sound I found the room about 20 feet away with the door propped open to help ventilate the..

Unsustainable Building Entry Doors

All I could think was "Were you born in a barn?" It was one of the memorable lines from my father when anyone left a door open, spilling all the precious conditioned air to the exterior.

Impractical Surface Bolts

Top and bottom surface bolts are used on the inactive leaf of pairs of doors. The bolts hold the door closed until the full door opening is require. For office suite entry doors, the need is usually during move-in to get furniture through the door. But..

Construction Improvisation; Acceptable Quality?

Construction sites often present challenges for completing the work as the architect intended. But when contractors improvise, the results may not be acceptable. Unusual results tend to attract attention immediately.

Product Highlight - High Speed Roll-Up Doors

In doing various product research for our clients, we come across some products that immediately grab our attention, at least that was the case for Rytec's Spiral Doors.

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