Why Be Static?

I was working on completing a specification for a window replacement project in the Bahamas. Our client is theBlog 2021-03-02 Discussion owner's representative, also in the Bahamas. I found myself in an unusual position. As I was writing, I asked questions. No sooner did I ask, the client responded. We discussed the specifications and made edits while both of us saw the result, instantly.

Wow! Ultimate transparency and collaboration.

Both of us contributed at the same time, while viewing the same document and confirming the result. We did not need multiple emails exchanging static PDF files and markups. Nor did we need to create an on-line review and send an invitation to markup a static PDF file. Our collaboration was instant and finalized in minutes - 6 to be exact (see the last three messages). We worked with the live document directly in the specifications authoring tool, Conspectus Cloud.

Better yet, a record of the discussions and decisions exists. Anyone with access to the specification can see the process and the result in context.

There is more, a record of the changes also exists. Exactly what changed from one issue to the next is seen in the issue compare. The discussions, adding head and jamb flashing, and restoring product submittals were all captured for the project record.

Discussion and resolution was not isolated to this one specification. Discussions occurred in nearly every specification section and were resolved quickly.

Relying on static, traditional communications, this process may have taken days and multiple markup exchanges to complete. We completed in less than an hour and issued the specification that morning.

Stop Static. Go Dynamic!

Learn how you can benefit from Conspectus Cloud. Bring your entire team together - owner, designer, contractor, installer, and supplier. Invite whomever will add value. Complete project specifications transparently, collaboratively, and dynamically.

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