Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Capital projects require thousands of decisions before the owner takes occupancy and begins meaningful operations. Every decision affects compliance with the owner's objectives - program, performance, and cost. How can project teams record and manage..

Bringing the Team Back Together, Through Specifications

For independent and in-house specifiers, obtaining sufficient correct information from our design teams has long been a struggle. Some of the challenges we face include some designers' disinterest in the entire topic of specifications, persistent delays..

Why Be Static?

I was working on completing a specification for a window replacement project in the Bahamas. Our client is the owner's representative, also in the Bahamas. I found myself in an unusual position. As I was writing, I asked questions. No sooner did I ask,..

What's the Project Budget?

The Problem

Changing How We Work During the Pandemic

Over the years there has been a lot of talk and writing, including by me, about fixing the things wrong with the construction industry.  Budget and schedule busts, bad workmanship, and designs that don’t respond to owner requirements are some common..

Using Information to Plan Production of Drawing and Specifications

It is ironic that architects write Division 01 requirements for detailed construction activity schedules but when it comes to their design work, the schedules consist only of a list of dates for deliverables instead of activity planning. Construction..

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