Writing a Spec Section From Scratch

Almost every specification section most specifiers will ever need is available in one or more commercial master guides, and for those that aren't, there are other options.  Many manufacturers provide guide specs for their products.  Most offices have a..

Better Ethics for Architects

Architecture is not an easy profession to enter.  To become an architect, candidates must obtain specialized advanced education, work their way through an extended mandatory internship process and sit for lengthy state licensing examinations that all..

How is A/E/C Like the World Cup?

As we enter the final week of this year's thoroughly enjoyable World Cup soccer tournament, with the countries of France, Belgium, Croatia, and England still vying for the trophy, I thought I'd explore some metaphorical similarities between the worlds of..

Asking Better Questions

My attention was recently directed to an interesting blog post by Lee Jussim in Psychology Today that questions whether most published findings in the field of social psychology are actually false.  He writes about how the results of erroneous published..

Making Use of New Communications Tools

There are a few significant challenges when it comes to performing specification consulting work.  Obviously, there are the fun and interesting challenges, like gathering, updating, and retaining the significant knowledge required to write good..

The Right and Wrong Time to Review Installers' Qualifications

One of the significant reasons for the existence of specifications is to describe the level of quality to the products and work that go into a building project.  Specifications establish the performance of the products and assemblies and their..

A Traditional but Not-So-Smooth Path Into Specifications

Last week, my colleague Marlon Hollis wrote eloquently about his meandering path from military aviation and law school into construction specifying, and the benefits of bringing a fresh perspective to the work. My own path to specifying might seem more..

Architecture Degree - What is it good for?

A Twitter discussion broke out recently after Paul Gerber posted this tweet in response to AIA tweeting a November, 2016 article by Ariana Zilliacus on ArchDaily entitled, "21 Careers You Can Pursue With a Degree in Architecture."

Maintaining Office Master Guide Specifications

Almost all architectural firms and specifications consultants maintain full sets of office master guide specifications, which, among their many benefits, serve to streamline the development of project specifications.  Development and maintenance of..

Teaching Young Professionals About Specifications

David Stutzman visited Chicago last week to stop in and talk to some of his current clients as well as to try to grow Conspectus's business into new firms, and I was fortunate enough to accompany him on some of those meetings.  When you work as a remote..

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