Which Contract Document is Most Important?

Originally published: September 3, 2012Updated January 7, 2022

Construction contract documents include the Agreement, the Conditions of Contract, the Drawings, and the Specifications. Because of the legal implications, owners produce the Agreement and..

The Right and Wrong Time to Review Installers' Qualifications

One of the significant reasons for the existence of specifications is to describe the level of quality to the products and work that go into a building project.  Specifications establish the performance of the products and assemblies and their..

Preventing Construction Failures

Looking at the recent history of construction, we find that it is littered with a spectrum of failures, from minor cosmetic types up to and including those that are truly catastrophic.  The former may include mere annoyances - cracked finishes and the..

Practical Learning You Can Put to Use Today

The CSI Academies brought expert instructors and students together, a total of about 140 individuals, for 13 hours of advanced education and learning over 3 days. The program was arranged in three tracks: Construction Specifier, Product Representative,..

Why are Preliminary Project Descriptions (PPDs) Important?

Short Answer: PPDs document the architect's intended project quality.

How Can Owners Protect Their Interests?

Building owners contract with architects, contractors, design-builders, or integrated project delivery (IPD) teams to create the owners' facilities. These players are responsible for design and construction. There is an underutilized member of the design..

Is it a Product or a Building?

The manufacturing industry mass produces many of the same, or essentially the same, items offered for sale to industry or the general public. Optimization in manufacturing is key to returning the greatest profits. Time spent exploring optimum solutions..

CSI Certification - It's Worth the Effort

I heard specs mentioned once in school. It was in one class of the professional practice course - the 30 hour course to teach students everything they need to know about running an architecture business, including writing specs. Still I had never seen a..

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive

Recently, I have been struck by the pervasive, negative attitude - not just about the construction industry but generally in news, blogs, and other media I follow. The architectural billing index is down, unemployment is stuck at a high rate,..

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