Fire Resistant CMU

Did you just severely restrict, or eliminate competition by including a UL design number for fire resistive masonry partitions? Unknowingly, perhaps. Learn what options are available to meet code requirements for fire resistive concrete masonry units. It..

Solve a Problem - Relieve Stress - Build Relationships

Last business day before Christmas, I received two email messages about a project that will be issued for construction the first week of January. The architect's office always closes for Christmas week. So I called to find out if replies were needed,..

Fire Rated Door Annual Inspection

I opened the door to enter the office building lobby. The sound was loud and unmistakable - an electrical transformer humming away, loudly. Following the sound I found the room about 20 feet away with the door propped open to help ventilate the..

A Guide to Fire Resistant Assemblies

Select fire resistant assemblies efficiently. Understand the basics of each design source, selection options and available tools to effectively narrow the search and select the correct solution. This Tech Tips will lead you through the process to..

Tubular Beam Fireproofing

Two current projects face the same dilemma. The architects chose to use an HSS tubular steel section as a beam to support a stair landing. The project conditions dictate that the beams must be fireproofed for a 2-hour fire resistance rating. Because the..

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