Let's Win the Concrete Floor Moisture Battle - Together

Impervious flooring. Water-based adhesives. Fly ash and slag pozzolans. Vapor retarders. Extreme surface pH. Fast-track scheduling. All are coming together and creating flooring failures.

Pet Resistant Resilient Flooring

What properties of decorative sheet vinyl flooring are important to consider when selecting pet resistant resilient flooring? Resisting surface abrasion and scratching, especially from large dogs, is a tall order for any flooring material, not just..

Terrazzo Flooring and Moisture Vapor Transmission

Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) through concrete substrates can cause serious damage to epoxy terrazzo and other impermeable floor finishes. What is the moisture source and what kind of damage does it cause? Learn about the inherent problems and the..

Resilient Flooring Underlayment

Preparation, preparation, preparation! Understanding that if you do not take steps to ensure the plywood subfloor and underlayment are installed and prepared properly, then installing your resilient flooring over them will be like putting lipstick on a..

Concrete Floor Surface Prep & Moisture Testing

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