Wood Finishing Standards

What finishing product should I specify for casework? Wood flooring? There are so many choices. How do I know which product is best?

Pet Resistant Resilient Flooring

What properties of decorative sheet vinyl flooring are important to consider when selecting pet resistant resilient flooring? Resisting surface abrasion and scratching, especially from large dogs, is a tall order for any flooring material, not just..

Large Format Tile Revisited

The publication of 2011 versions of the TCNA Handbook and ANSI A108, A118, and A136 addressed the challenges in large format tile installations. This Tech Tips will explore changes in the new TCNA Handbook and make a comparison to our 2009 Tech Tips on..

Resilient Flooring Underlayment

Preparation, preparation, preparation! Understanding that if you do not take steps to ensure the plywood subfloor and underlayment are installed and prepared properly, then installing your resilient flooring over them will be like putting lipstick on a..

Tile Setting Methods & Products

Tile setting beds are no longer limited to mortar beds and thin beds. Now medium beds are part of the ANSI standards. Selecting the right installation products depends on the tile, the substrate, and the expected performance. So many choices: adhesives,..

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