To Observe or To Inspect, That is the Question.

Being the son of a brick mason, I was always fascinated with construction sites. Some may disagree, but as an Architect, one of best parts of the job was visiting the site to observe the Work and interact with the Contractors. This month, as part of a..

To Inspect or Not To Inspect....That is the Question

Last month I introduced you to the "Construction Alliance" with reference to "Classified Excavation" and left you to fend for yourself. This month we will dive into the August guideline of the month, which is "Inspection of the Construction Project". In..

Spray on Fireproofing: Is Damage Permitted?

Must damaged fireproofing be repaired or will limited damage be permitted in the completed construction? Construction operations often damage fire protection products installed at the start of a project. Spray-on fireproofing is installed immediately..

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