Specification Interviews - the Art of Data Gathering

CSI Specifying Practice group continues to grow and meets at 3:00 PM eastern the first Thursday each month. The show goes on despite the technical difficulties. Join the group and watch the antics, if nothing else you can smile knowing that the technical issues are happening to someone else. Until then, here is the summary of our last meeting.

#%$! Frozen Machine
Thanks to Louis Medcalf for taking the lead and starting the program as I was rebooting my machine. The darned thing completely froze just as we were beginning the broadcast. Even Task Manager could not force a restart. And there was a repeat performance just before we ended the program. I love Microsoft! My machine and I will try to do better next time.

Be Inventive
Specifiers can be inventive when trying to collect data that is needed to write project specifications. Lacking a cooperative computer will not deter us. We can take notes by hand actually using pencil and paper if we must. The skills are still the same:

  • Collect available data
  • Gather current drawing set
  • Develop a table of contents
  • Ask your questions
  • Listen carefully
  • Ask your new questions
  • Update the table of contents
  • Repeat as needed

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