Catch It in the Addendum

We see it time and again. The deadline approaches. The rush is on. All the delayed decisions and tasks are now urgent.

Collecting Data - An Art and Skill

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How do You Communicate Basis of Design?

Collecting basis of design product data before starting the project specifications takes time. It takes even more time to get the right information. From the specifier's perspective, data gathering is often an art form rather than a defined process...

Specification Interviews - the Art of Data Gathering

CSI Specifying Practice group continues to grow and meets at 3:00 PM eastern the first Thursday each month. The show goes on despite the technical difficulties. Join the group and watch the antics, if nothing else you can smile knowing that the technical..

Importance of Tables of Contents

Tables of Contents are a valuable coordination tool to ensure the project manual includes everything required without duplication or conflict. The first step for writing construction specifications is to create the table of contents listing the expected..

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