Plywood Structural Panels

Why does the code require trademarks to distinguish the various plywood types? All plywood is not the same. Panels may be suitable for specific applications. The trademarks give basic information about expected performance and allowable use. Know and..

Preservative Treated Wood

What are those Commodity Specifications referenced by the building codes? AWPA U1 referenced by the code specifies wood preservative treatments by application, exposure, and type of wood product. Know what the terms mean to be sure you get the intended..

SFRM Types and Applications

What binder, density, and bond strength are required for sprayed fire-resistive materials? New building code requirements include additional considerations for bond strength in buildings greater than 75 feet high. Careful choices must be made when..

Water Vapor Transmission - Get the Units Right

Water vapor transmission is confusing - three different properties, each with their own units of measure. Can you rely on manufacturer's data reporting product performance? Be careful. Check the values and the units of measure. Be sure the units are..

Fireblocking and Draftstopping

Combustible construction can provide perfect paths through concealed spaces to allow fires to spread quickly and undetected. Fireblocking and draftstopping combine to minimize these perfect paths to help protect the property and the occupants. Learn..

Wood Preservative Treatment

Drawing Note Says: Treated wood sill plate. What type - Preservative? Fire Retardant? Both are wood treatments. Know the building code to understand when the use of wood preservative treatment is required. Avoiding the requirement for preservative..

Floor Slab Flatness and Levelness

Flatness, Levelness, F-Numbers, Straightedge: What do the numbers mean? Recent changes to ACI 117 provide new procedures for straightedge measurements for floor slab flatness. Under the revised standard, 1/8 inch in 10 feet is not a standard option...

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