Plywood Structural Panels

Why does the code require trademarks to distinguish the various plywood types? All plywood is not the same. Panels may be suitable for specific applications. The trademarks give basic information about expected performance and allowable use. Know and..

Preservative Treated Wood

What are those Commodity Specifications referenced by the building codes? AWPA U1 referenced by the code specifies wood preservative treatments by application, exposure, and type of wood product. Know what the terms mean to be sure you get the intended..

Architectural Woodwork Plywood

Is your definition of plywood and the woodworker's definition the same? Why is it MDF or particleboard? The term plywood does not define a panel construction and performance. It is critical to understand the available cores and specify the right one to..

Wood Finishing Standards

What finishing product should I specify for casework? Wood flooring? There are so many choices. How do I know which product is best?

What Is Your Best Source for Product Research?

Because of discussions about a current project, I got to thinking: Just what is the best product research source? Since there are so many sources, what can you believe?

Straight Grained Wood

Are you expecting straight grained wood for your project? Use the right terms to get what you want. Quarter Cut and Rift Cut wood produces similar straight grain results. However, there are differences and limitations. Learn how to distinguish between..

Naturally Decay Resistant Wood

Wood's natural decay resistance is dependent on species selection and the part of the tree that is used. Tropical rainforest species are not required for durable wood in exterior applications. Learn what US native species are sustainable alternatives and..

Interior Woodwork Wood vs. MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) products are plentiful and manufacturers are constantly developing adaptations to current building trends. This article compares solid wood standing and running trim to similar products made of MDF, and explores the..

Plywood is Specified - Do you know what that means?

I had to respond to an architect about a contractor's submittal for architectural woodwork. The contractor submitted MDF panels as the basis to construct the plastic laminate finished woodwork. The architect contended that MDF panels are not plywood...

Marine Grade Plywood Explained

Is marine grade plywood specially treated to resist salt water environments or severe exterior exposure?  NO.  Okay then what is marine grade plywood and why would it be used?

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