Plywood Structural Panels

Why does the code require trademarks to distinguish the various plywood types? All plywood is not the same. Panels may be suitable for specific applications. The trademarks give basic information about expected performance and allowable use. Know and..

Architectural Woodwork Plywood

Is your definition of plywood and the woodworker's definition the same? Why is it MDF or particleboard? The term plywood does not define a panel construction and performance. It is critical to understand the available cores and specify the right one to..

Plywood is Specified - Do you know what that means?

I had to respond to an architect about a contractor's submittal for architectural woodwork. The contractor submitted MDF panels as the basis to construct the plastic laminate finished woodwork. The architect contended that MDF panels are not plywood...

Marine Grade Plywood Explained

Is marine grade plywood specially treated to resist salt water environments or severe exterior exposure?  NO.  Okay then what is marine grade plywood and why would it be used?

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