Specification Superlatives

"All work shall be of the highest quality, in accordance with the best trade practices, and performed by skilled workmen. All work shall be accomplished to the satisfaction of the Architect and Owner."

What if the First Test Fails?

We receive the following suggestion from a building envelope consultant to include in a specification for sealant adhesion testing provided by the contractor.

I Hate Specs!

Have you found yourself thinking or possibly yelling, "I hate specs!" as though you have been cursed by the task? Then think about this:

Bidding Qualifications Criteria and Document Costs

Here is a piece of a "constructability review" completed recently by Jamie Hewitt. His comments are in bold, inserted into the specification text.

Bad Specs - School District Glazing Tech Guide

Thanks to Liz O'Sullivan for the first Bad Specs entry. 088000 glazing tech guide.pdf Send your own examples to me at dstutzman@conspectusinc.com.

Bad Specs - Let's Learn from Examples

Last week, a friend received a request for a bid from a Construction Manager. How the Construction Manager expected to get valid bids with the spec provided, escaped my friend and me.  See ..

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