Contract Documents are Related

It's a debate. The debate is evidenced in all the commercial guide specifications and even CSI's SectionFormat™. Related Requirements is an article heading near the beginning of specification sections. This article gives specifiers an opportunity to list..

SPECtember - Value Certified Construction Specifiers

This month the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) will hold its annual convention and the Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice (SCIP) will hold its annual meeting, both in conjunction with CONSTRUCT, an annual educational seminar..

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Have you ever seen a built detail, scratched your head, and wondered: "What were they thinking?" There are 4 steps that can be taken to help prevent "silly" mistakes from occurring on construction projects: Quality Assurance Reviews, Shop Drawing..

Design-Build Division 00 and Division 01

The architect asked that I review the "front end" documents written by the design-builder for a new construction project. The front end including bidding requirements, contract requirements, conditions of the contract, and Division 01. The project..

Where Is the Right Place?

Be careful! Often project specifications are not written by one individual. The final project manual may have contributions by the architect, specifier, engineers (usually plural), and specialty consultants. Coordination problems must be eliminated..

Bidding Qualifications Criteria and Document Costs

Here is a piece of a "constructability review" completed recently by Jamie Hewitt. His comments are in bold, inserted into the specification text.

Competitive Construction Procurement - Bid Requirements

Competitive Construction Procurement: What do I need besides the drawings and spec? Bidders need additional information about the bidding process to ensure their bids are responsive to the owner's needs and hopefully (for them) successful. Learn what..

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