Which Contract Document is Most Important?

Construction contract documents include the Agreement, the Conditions of Contract, the Drawings, and the Specifications. Because of the legal implications, owners produce the Agreement and the Conditions. Architects are responsible for producing the..

How do You Communicate Basis of Design?

Collecting basis of design product data before starting the project specifications takes time. It takes even more time to get the right information. From the specifier's perspective, data gathering is often an art form rather than a defined process...

Where is the next crop of Specifiers?

Perhaps the first question should be: Do we need another crop of Specifiers? After all, we should be able to push the BIM spec button and generate a project spec. Right? Well, not yet. And even if we could, who will be responsible to be certain the spec..

Architectural Design Phases

What are the architectural design phases? SD - schematic design, DD - design development, and CD - construction documents.

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