Door Security

When is an electric strike not an electric strike? When it is a euphemism for a secure door. Knowing what function is required is paramount. Function will dictate what devices are needed. So what should be considered when specifying a secure door?

Missing Lock Cylinders

The newly opened rest stop on Interstate 95 in Delaware includes an unusual combination of door hardware on the entry and interior vestibule. All the exterior doors are furnished with concealed vertical rod exit devices. Only one leaf of six includes..

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks offer the advantage of removing the need for keys, while sill maintaining a secure opening. The opening security is controlled by changing the keypad combination.

Impractical Surface Bolts

Top and bottom surface bolts are used on the inactive leaf of pairs of doors. The bolts hold the door closed until the full door opening is require. For office suite entry doors, the need is usually during move-in to get furniture through the door. But..

Construction Improvisation; Acceptable Quality?

Construction sites often present challenges for completing the work as the architect intended. But when contractors improvise, the results may not be acceptable. Unusual results tend to attract attention immediately.

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