A Script for Specifications - in 3 Acts

Writing is the easy part. Knowing what to write is another story.

Tracking Issues Needing Resolution

Writing construction specifications is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Except puzzles always have a photo of the completed puzzle on the cover of the box.

Specifications - A QA Process

Who is best to write project construction specifications - the project architect or a dedicated specifier? Arguments will go both ways, depending on point of view. Both answers have merit. So let's take a closer look at specifications as a Quality..

Drawing Order of Precedence

"How to Read These Drawings" was the title for a block of eight notes on the cover page of a set of drawings we received. I was looking for some profound guidance since only eight notes were included. I think found it in the last note:

Coordinating Drawing Notes and Specs

The need to coordinate drawings and specifications may seem obvious, but why is it so important? There are two primary reasons:

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