Construction Document Quality Crisis

This paper was first presented by Louis Medcalf, FCSI, CCS, SCIP and David Stutzman, AIA, CSI, CCS, SCIP at the National Institute of Building Sciences BEST 5 triennial national conference in Philadelphia, PA April 16, 2018.

Front Line Quality Assurance

When does quality assurance begin during the design process for a construction project? Often formal document review may be planned for those last few weeks before the construction documents are completed. Sometimes reviews are planned before each design..

Catch It in the Addendum

We see it time and again. The deadline approaches. The rush is on. All the delayed decisions and tasks are now urgent.

Specifications - A QA Process

Who is best to write project construction specifications - the project architect or a dedicated specifier? Arguments will go both ways, depending on point of view. Both answers have merit. So let's take a closer look at specifications as a Quality..

Importance of Tables of Contents

Tables of Contents are a valuable coordination tool to ensure the project manual includes everything required without duplication or conflict. The first step for writing construction specifications is to create the table of contents listing the expected..

The Specifier's Role for Construction Projects

Today CSI's Specifying Practice Group discussed "What Can You Expect of a Specifier?" As an independent specifier, I presented the specifier's point of view and then opened the meeting for other opinions. The group was not bashful, thankfully, otherwise,..

Profit from Quality Assurance Reviews

Why should you consider an independent document review?

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