Fire Rated Door Annual Inspection

I opened the door to enter the office building lobby. The sound was loud and unmistakable - an electrical transformer humming away, loudly. Following the sound I found the room about 20 feet away with the door propped open to help ventilate the..

Consider the Consequences

It must have seemed a good idea at the time - inexpensive, easy to install. Add a barrier to keep objects from falling from one parking level to another and causing damage in the process.

Construction Improvisation; Acceptable Quality?

Construction sites often present challenges for completing the work as the architect intended. But when contractors improvise, the results may not be acceptable. Unusual results tend to attract attention immediately.

Uniform Stair Risers

The International Building Code (IBC) Section 1009.4.4 requires stair risers and tread widths to be uniform height and width within a tolerance of 3/8 inch throughout the entire flight of stairs. Why is this important? The reason became instantly..

Cast-In-Place Concrete Repairs

Cast-In-Place Concrete Assemblies damaged by chloride ion penetration can be effectively repaired with a careful choice of repair materials. Repair approaches have changed with advancing technology and more product selections. Learn how to repair..

Green Sealant Joint

Green Sealant Joint

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