Can Architectural Firms Improve Profitability?

While reading the AIA recently released "Firm Survey Report 2020[i]" and the November "Architecture Billing Index[ii]" (ABI), there were two corollary findings. First, the Firm Survey reported a decrease in profitability for 2019. The ABI reported the..

What's the Project Budget?

The Problem

Aren't Specs Contract Documents?

What statements below do you believe to be true?

Before Design Begins

An idea is formed. A new product or service is required. A need for a building emerges. What is the next step - a napkin concept sketch of a building form?

Self-Inflicted Budget Difficulties

I received the specification shown below from a friend, an independent manufacturer's representative today. Yes this is the total expansion control spec. And a Construction Manager is soliciting budgets from subcontractors and materials suppliers for the..

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