What would you think of a product that was made from agricultural byproducts and mushrooms that had similar characteristics of expanded polystyrene including insulating values and able to achieve a Class 1 flame spread rating that was 100% natural,..

Water Vapor Transmission - Get the Units Right

Water vapor transmission is confusing - three different properties, each with their own units of measure. Can you rely on manufacturer's data reporting product performance? Be careful. Check the values and the units of measure. Be sure the units are..

What if the First Test Fails?

We receive the following suggestion from a building envelope consultant to include in a specification for sealant adhesion testing provided by the contractor.

Cement Plaster Water-Ressistive Barrier

Tech Tips received a CSI National Communications Award September 23, 2011 at the national convention. 

Vegetative Roof, FM Global, and Electric Field Vector Mapping

Vapor Retarder Paints

Can interior latex paints perform as a vapor retarder?

Spray on Fireproofing: Is Damage Permitted?

Must damaged fireproofing be repaired or will limited damage be permitted in the completed construction? Construction operations often damage fire protection products installed at the start of a project. Spray-on fireproofing is installed immediately..

Tubular Beam Fireproofing

Two current projects face the same dilemma. The architects chose to use an HSS tubular steel section as a beam to support a stair landing. The project conditions dictate that the beams must be fireproofed for a 2-hour fire resistance rating. Because the..

Brick Movement Joints

Certainly, you have seen examples of natural expansion joints. Science rules. Materials move. Buildings react; sometimes not as expected.

Green Sealant Joint

Green Sealant Joint

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