Linking BIM and Specs Through PPDs

Technology provides a means to connect data. Standards provide the organizations that make the data connections meaningful.

Specifications Formats & Processes

Construction specifications contain data, lots of data. These data must be easily found by the hundreds of individuals involved in any construction project - not just the architect and contractor, but the subcontractors, materials distributors,..

Collecting Data - An Art and Skill

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Can Goals Be Requirements?

I just completed review of a new document that the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) will be publishing soon: The CSI Sustainable Design and Construction Practice Guide, one of a series of practice guides. The guide references the CSI flagship..

Are Peer Reviews Effective?

The project was a new single family residence. The architect wrote the specifications as notes to be placed on the drawings. The architect asked for help. Before issuing the documents for bidding, he wanted the specifications reviewed.

Improving Owner's Design & Construction Standards

You've seen them. You've been required to comply with them. You've been required to implement them. You may have written them.

How Perfect Must Specifications Be?

I would like to produce perfect documents every time. However, I remember Hal Barcus, one of my architecture professors saying, "Architecture is never done; you just run out of time, patience, or money." As a student, I didn't appreciate the valuable..

Whose intent is this anyway?

David Bishton, RA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, as Southwest Region CSI Editor, asks: "But how the heck does a contractor or supplier or installer of materials know what the intent is when they are bidding or building a project, unless it is carefully explained?"

Specification Interviews - the Art of Data Gathering

CSI Specifying Practice group continues to grow and meets at 3:00 PM eastern the first Thursday each month. The show goes on despite the technical difficulties. Join the group and watch the antics, if nothing else you can smile knowing that the technical..

Inaugural Meeting for CSI's Specifying Practice Group

Today I had the honor of hosting the first meeting for CSI's Specifying Practice Group. Nearly 200 people have joined the group and over 70 participated in the first meeting. CSI staff commented that this is an excellent turnout. If you missed it, you..

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