Specs Must State the Architect's Intent

"Why is it that Architects specify 'Intent' and can not specify what products they require? I have a real problem trying to price an Architect's intent." This statement started a discussion on LinkedIn. The message was that the Architect's Intent is..

Coordinating Drawing Notes and Specs

The need to coordinate drawings and specifications may seem obvious, but why is it so important? There are two primary reasons:

Manufacturer Guide Specifications - Opportunities or Pitfalls? Part the Second

This month 50 CSI Specifying Practice Group members gathered to continue the discussion about using manufacturer's product specifications. Phil Kabza, SpecGuy, helped again, presenting the manufacturer specifier's point of view. At the end of the program..

Manufacturer Guide Specifications - Opportunities or Pitfalls?

The majority of this month's more than 50 CSI Specifying Practice Group members was specifiers that have used manufacturer's specifications to create construction specifications. The discussion was lively and caused the meeting to run overtime before..

Specification Decision Process

We all know Specifiers are responsible for documenting product decisions, but who should be making the decisions? When should product decisions be made? Why do people put off making product decisions? What general principles affect product decisions?

So, You Want to be a Specifier!

The CSI Specifying Practice Group has gone international by welcoming two potential specifiers as guest presenters to help discuss this month's topic:

Managing Multiple Work Package Specs

Nearly every specifier and design team has faced this problem. The owner (or sometimes the contractor) decides the project requires multiple packages to expedite the construction schedule. So now what? How can confusion be minimized while meeting the..

The Many Options for LEED Specs

How should LEED compliance be specified? The Construction Specifications Institute's Specifying Practice Group explored the options and the Group's opinions about specifying LEED.

Specifying Different Products Differently

What, you say? Of course, different products are specified differently! Concrete block, doors, and air handlers are simply not the same. Why would the specs ever be the same?

Submittals, Submittals, Submittals

CSI's Specifying Practice Group met to debate why contractor submittals are required, how submittals are classified, and the A/E's responsibilities for submittals. Must the A/E require submittals to ensure the owner gets what is due? Will submittals help..

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