Sound Transmission through Glass

You are designing a residential facility near an airport or a busy highway with large expanses of glass. How do you prevent the noise from nearby sources from adversely impacting its tenants? How is sound measured? Which glazing configurations best..

Chemical Masonry Cleaning

How can you make sure you get that "like new" look for the completed masonry? Detergent washing is only removing the surface dirt - not the right result. Chemical masonry cleaning is a necessary evil in new construction. It's not as bad as you might..

Defining Masonry Restoration Scope

When is the scope of work on a restoration project prepared? On what does the contractor base his bid? Too often, the scope of work on a restoration project is poorly defined or incomplete. Learn what an architect can do to prepare construction documents..

Water Vapor Transmission - Get the Units Right

Water vapor transmission is confusing - three different properties, each with their own units of measure. Can you rely on manufacturer's data reporting product performance? Be careful. Check the values and the units of measure. Be sure the units are..

Choosing Mortar Types

The strength of mortar relative to the materials being installed is critical. Mortar must be strong enough and flexible enough to allow the structure to function as designed. Learn what mortar types are available and what cements may be used in mortar..

Cement Plaster Water-Ressistive Barrier

Tech Tips received a CSI National Communications Award September 23, 2011 at the national convention. 

Fireblocking and Draftstopping

Combustible construction can provide perfect paths through concealed spaces to allow fires to spread quickly and undetected. Fireblocking and draftstopping combine to minimize these perfect paths to help protect the property and the occupants. Learn..

Wood Preservative Treatment

Drawing Note Says: Treated wood sill plate. What type - Preservative? Fire Retardant? Both are wood treatments. Know the building code to understand when the use of wood preservative treatment is required. Avoiding the requirement for preservative..

Air Barriers

What functions must an air barrier perform? It may be more than the obvious. Learn about the types, functions, performance, difficulties, and details for air barriers to be effective. Air barriers must be carefully selected to provide the correct..

Exterior Sealant Joint Design - Tech Tips Published

When sealants fail, the integrity of the entire building is in jeopardy. Calculate the size ans spacing so joint sealants will accommodate the expected thermal movement. Select joint sealants that are rated to withstand the total joint movement. And test..

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