Linking BIM and Specs Through PPDs

Technology provides a means to connect data. Standards provide the organizations that make the data connections meaningful.

Linking BIM to Specifications

The promise of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is that project data can reside in the model and can be extracted by anyone in a form for every purpose. The reality is that useful data extraction is entirely dependent on valid data input.

Practical Learning You Can Put to Use Today

The CSI Academies brought expert instructors and students together, a total of about 140 individuals, for 13 hours of advanced education and learning over 3 days. The program was arranged in three tracks: Construction Specifier, Product Representative,..

Ensuring Specifications Consistency & Quality

How can architects ensure their specifications are consistent from one project to the next or one project architect to the next? How can architects ensure that their specifications will deliver the intended quality for every project?

Is it a Product or a Building?

The manufacturing industry mass produces many of the same, or essentially the same, items offered for sale to industry or the general public. Optimization in manufacturing is key to returning the greatest profits. Time spent exploring optimum solutions..

Whose intent is this anyway?

David Bishton, RA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, as Southwest Region CSI Editor, asks: "But how the heck does a contractor or supplier or installer of materials know what the intent is when they are bidding or building a project, unless it is carefully explained?"

Where is the next crop of Specifiers?

Perhaps the first question should be: Do we need another crop of Specifiers? After all, we should be able to push the BIM spec button and generate a project spec. Right? Well, not yet. And even if we could, who will be responsible to be certain the spec..

SPie - Specifier's Properties Information Exchange

Last week I attended the Ecobuild America conference held in Washington DC. As you might expect from the name, the conference focus is on sustainable design. However there is also a strong emphasis on BIM and specifications because of the influence of..

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