What thickness is that gage?

If you find yourself caught between tradition and current industry practice for specifying sheet metal thicknesses you are not alone. It has been years since industry standards have abandoned gage to designate metal thickness, now the standards rely on..

Straight Grained Wood

Are you expecting straight grained wood for your project? Use the right terms to get what you want. Quarter Cut and Rift Cut wood produces similar straight grain results. However, there are differences and limitations. Learn how to distinguish between..

Bad Specs - School District Glazing Tech Guide

Thanks to Liz O'Sullivan for the first Bad Specs entry. 088000 glazing tech guide.pdf Send your own examples to me at dstutzman@conspectusinc.com.

Fire Rated Door Annual Inspection

I opened the door to enter the office building lobby. The sound was loud and unmistakable - an electrical transformer humming away, loudly. Following the sound I found the room about 20 feet away with the door propped open to help ventilate the..

Missing Lock Cylinders

The newly opened rest stop on Interstate 95 in Delaware includes an unusual combination of door hardware on the entry and interior vestibule. All the exterior doors are furnished with concealed vertical rod exit devices. Only one leaf of six includes..

Unsustainable Building Entry Doors

All I could think was "Were you born in a barn?" It was one of the memorable lines from my father when anyone left a door open, spilling all the precious conditioned air to the exterior.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks offer the advantage of removing the need for keys, while sill maintaining a secure opening. The opening security is controlled by changing the keypad combination.

Impractical Surface Bolts

Top and bottom surface bolts are used on the inactive leaf of pairs of doors. The bolts hold the door closed until the full door opening is require. For office suite entry doors, the need is usually during move-in to get furniture through the door. But..

Construction Improvisation; Acceptable Quality?

Construction sites often present challenges for completing the work as the architect intended. But when contractors improvise, the results may not be acceptable. Unusual results tend to attract attention immediately.

Safety Glazing Identification

Safety glazing must be identified according to International Building Code (IBC), 2009, Section 2406.3. This applies to all glazing, not just tempered glass. Safety glazing can be plastic, laminated glass, or ceramic fire resistant glazing. Any glazing..

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