Specifications - A QA Process

Who is best to write project construction specifications - the project architect or a dedicated specifier? Arguments will go both ways, depending on point of view. Both answers have merit. So let's take a closer look at specifications as a Quality..

Benefit of Master Guide Specifications

Master guide specifications are a valuable resource for the design team. The company investment in developing and maintaining masters can be substantial representing hundreds, possibly even thousands of hours, devoted to their development to document the..

Just What Are We Specifying?

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Warranty & Correction Period

Just because a manufacturer offers a warranty, are you certain the specifications should require the warranty? There are many factors to consider that affect the Owner's rights and remedies for correcting work completed under a construction contract...

Communication - The Heart of Specifications

Just who are specifications written for? The Architect? The Owner? Neither! In order of importance, I profess that specifications are written for the benefit of:

What Challenges do Specifiers Face?

When I attended a Metro NY CSI planning meeting, we were discussing ideas for chapter programs. I was asked the question "What is the biggest problem you face as a specifier?" There was little thought needed. I hedged my bet and named two.

Improving Knowledge & Skills Through Community

This month is jam packed with opportunities to improve personal knowledge and skills. This underlying theme is the same for all for all three.

Specification Superlatives

"All work shall be of the highest quality, in accordance with the best trade practices, and performed by skilled workmen. All work shall be accomplished to the satisfaction of the Architect and Owner."

It's just like the last one, except...

In my career, I have heard this phrase many times. Architects begin to describe a new project in terms of a previous project. It may be an attempt:

I Hate Specs!

Have you found yourself thinking or possibly yelling, "I hate specs!" as though you have been cursed by the task? Then think about this:

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